Rahul Dravid is "Not Hurt" By Wriddhiman Saha's Comments

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Rahul Dravid is "Not Hurt" By Wriddhiman Saha's Comments

Rahul Dravid is "Not Hurt" By Wriddhiman Saha's Comments
India's head coach, Rahul Dravid, has stated that he is not at all "hurt" by veteran goalkeeper Wriddhiman Saha's disclosure of a highly confidential talk about his future. At the same time, he wanted to make sure the Bengal wicketkeeper understood his role in the team. After the South Africa series, Wriddhiman Saha told the media that head coach Dravid had advised him to consider retirement in a private discussion.

Dravid stated that he is not hurt in the least. He commented that Wriddhi and his accomplishments, as well as his commitment to Indian cricket, have Dravid’s undying admiration. Dravid added that that’s where his discussion began and Wriddhiman deserved honesty and clarity in his opinion.

Whether the players like the subject of the chat or not, the India coach stated that he will keep having similar conversations with them.

The coach told the press that it’s about the conversations he has with players on a regular basis. He doesn’t anticipate players agreeing with what he says about them all of the time. This isn’t the case. Dravid said that one can have unpleasant conversations with the team, but it doesn't indicate one shouldn't have them.

Dravid stated that his strategy is to consult with players before selecting a starting XI.

Before any playing XI is chosen, he always believes in having such dialogues and being open to queries including why they are not participating. He said that it’s understandable for individuals to be offended and hurt.

Dravid further revealed that he spoke to Saha because Rishabh Pant has already positioned himself as the Bengals' new No. 1 goalkeeper, and the Bengal player would not have had any opportunities.

He explained that he was simply attempting to express that, now that RP (Pant) has established himself as their No. 1 wicketkeeper-batsman, they are hoping to nurture a younger wicketkeeper (KS Bharat). He said that this has not altered his respect and appreciation for Wriddhi.

Dravid commented that for him, the easiest thing is to avoid having those discussions and speak to players about it. That is not something he intends to pursue. However, he added, he hopes they recognise the fact that he was able to stand up and have those dialogues at some point.