PSL’s protocol, bio-bubble hotels and contingency plans

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PSL’s protocol, bio-bubble hotels and contingency plans

PSL’s protocol, bio-bubble hotels and contingency plans
During the Covid-19 epidemic, the PCB is set to hold another season of the Pakistan Super League. The first 15 games are due to begin on January 27 in Karachi and the remaining matches are set to begin on February 27 in Lahore, including the final. There are plans in place to avoid a postponement even if a few players contract Covid-19 - each club has a roster of 20 players, plus a reserve pool to provide cover in the event of an incident.

PSL's Covid-19 protocol document, obtained by ESPNcricinfo, explains how the PCB will create its bio-bubble habitat. The booklet contains a wide range of health and safety measures being implemented at sites, as well as step-by-step guidance to each stage of the competition.

The PCB has recreated the biosecure bubble built by Restrata, an independent business that controlled the environment during last season's delayed Abu Dhabi leg. The bubble will be regulated by the PCB, which will divide it into three unique bubbles with different protocols.

All clubs, support personnel, match officials, hotel workers, and select PCB officials will be in the main bubble. Car drivers, private security security personnel, bench players, bubble-integrity managers, anti-corruption officials, and hotel employees will all be confined to the bubble and will not be permitted to leave. According to the criteria, each franchise will be assigned rooms on a different floor of the hotel, and every attempt to avoid team in close contact at the lodge.

The TV production crew, important event management workers, and critical hotel staff and drivers will be housed in the second bubble, which will be formed at a separate hotel. The groundstaff will be accommodated in specialised biosecure quarters in the third bubble.

For the primary bubble, vigilance will be increased. The bubbles will not be able to communicate with one another, and everyone will be forced to follow standard health and safety guidelines as well as particular protocols in order to keep the bubble together.

Due of Covid outbreaks in the previous two seasons, the PSL was split into two legs, but the PCB has implemented contingency arrangements this season to avoid the PSL being postponed or cancelled. Therefore, after seven days, the PSL management will reset the bubble and start anew, recreating the bio-bubble from the ground up. Games can go on if there are 13 players available on each club in the event of an outbreak. Teams will also be able to select players from a reserve pool. If the league is delayed for whatever reason, a PCB official told ESPNcricinfo that it will have to be scrapped entirely because there will be no opportunity to play the remaining games.