Triple Diamond Keno

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Triple Diamond Keno

Triple Diamond Keno
Triple Diamond Keno is an unknown keno-based game that dates back to 1996. It's similar to traditional keno, with the exception that the ball draw may reveal diamonds. If three diamonds are found, the player receives three free games with a tripled multiplier and three times his bet.

The game is currently out of print and difficult to locate. In theory, the game is comparable to Caveman Keno, but the graphics aren't as good, which is presumably why Triple Diamond Keno is fading away.

Rules of Triple Diamond Keno
  • The player selects two to ten numbers from 1 to 80.
  • The game will select 20 numbers between 1 and 80.
  • A "catch" occurs when the player and the game choose the same number. The player wins more money the more numbers he captures. Zero catches are sometimes rewarded in the game.
  • In addition, the game will appear to hide diamonds among the numbers that the player has not chosen. The player will win both of the following if three of them are revealed during the draw of the 20 random numbers.
    • He'd bet three times the amount he'd bet the first time.
    • With a 3x multiplier, you'll get three free games (i.e. all wins in free games are tripled).
  • If the player wins three diamonds in a free game, he will win nine times his initial wager. This, however, does not increase the number of free games available.
  • The three diamonds have a probability of exactly 2%. Outside of the ball draw, this is determined.

Before considering the Triple Diamond feature, one can calculate the game's return using standard keno calculation. If the game's base return is b, the game's total return may be calculated as 1.18 b + 0.0708.

According to the denomination bet, the game had two pay tables. Here's a shot of each of them. Each pay table's return is on the bottom row.