Georgia is turning blue | bbl 2021 cricket score

Georgia election results

Georgia is turning blue | bbl 2021 cricket score

Georgia is turning blue | bbl 2021 cricket score
It has been 28 years since Georgia had a Democratic presidential nominee. It's been 20 years since a Democrat captured Georgia's Senate seat, and 14 years since some statewide election was won. The Republicans never lost a modern run-off election in Georgia.

That has now changed - a remarkable development in the American South's fast-growing business heart.

On Tuesday, the political analysis website speculated on whether Georgia will turn out to be more like Virginia, a reliably Democratic southern state, or North Carolina, a swing state that still tilts mostly Republican.

Georgia seems more probable than the former, with the latest Senate results. And if that is the case, it changes the shape of the U.S. political map and Arizona, which Biden also carried and now has two Democratic senators. It is simpler for the party to gain a Democratic majority in the Senate or the presidency through the electoral college. In the Midwest, the old "blue wall" of Democratic states is becoming less important.

However, it will not be long before Democrats are checked in the state. In only two years, Warnock, who is finishing the term of retired Senator Johnny Isakson, will have to run for re-election. Then there is a possible rematch between Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams, who has been a recent object of Trump's ire.

Speaking of Abrams, with the work she has done in the last two years to improve her party's organization and turnout, she will be celebrated as the mastermind of these Democratic victories.

In the Deep South, she has given Democrats a new foothold. They've got to keep it now.