Which mantra of Siddons changed the batting of Bangladesh?

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Which mantra of Siddons changed the batting of Bangladesh?

Which mantra of Siddons changed the batting of Bangladesh?

6 June 2022  Authorbaji99

After losing by 220 runs in the first Test, they lost by a huge margin of 332 runs in the second Test. Tamim, Mushfiqur and Mominul seem to have forgotten batting in South Africa. After such a sinking in Africa, the Tigers have two weeks in the country. Batting coach Jamie Siddons also got some time to understand the problems of the cricketers and give them medicine. However, before the Sri Lanka series, there was a bit of apprehension about the batting department. The Bangladesh cricket team has finally overcome that cloud of fear.

In just two weeks, what did Guru give such a tip to Tamim-Liton that the batters of Bangladesh have turned around in the Chittagong Test against Sri Lanka after overcoming the effect of such bad batting in South Africa? Siddons said he did nothing, and however, he continued to try to keep the batter mentally strong. He also explained how batting should be done in white-jersey cricket.

"I've tried to get the players back on track," said Siddons. "It was very disappointing to be all out for 53 and 60 in South Africa. Then they have to play against a good bowling attack. I haven't done much in the last two weeks, and I have fixed some small issues. I talked to them about the discipline of Test cricket. Make them understand what discipline is needed to play Test cricket. That is what they have done here."

He also told how they should bat against the Lankans' bowling attack. "Confidence is at the root of everything," said Siddons. "You have to understand what the plan is. They have done a great job here. They didn't play a big shot in the air except for two shots from Liton. Everyone was very disciplined. That's how Mushi knocked the ball; that's what we told him."

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Test captain Mominul Haque could not get out of the circle of batting failure. Bangladesh's Australian batting coach said, "Mominul needs to do more in some areas and improve. I saw him come out like this a couple of times," he said. "He's working on it. The ball was perfect. But Muminul could not play the ball as well. (To overcome this problem) he has to do more work. He is a good player and will be back."