Tamim talked about T20 controversary

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Tamim talked about T20 controversary

Tamim talked about T20 controversary

13 June 2022  Authorbaji99

Tamim Iqbal, the one-day captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team, seems to be holding back the controversy over the T20. At a recent event, Tamim said that he did not get a chance to announce his plans for T20. On the other hand, Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan Papon said Tamim was lying.

Meanwhile, there is no end to the discussions in the cricket arena. Meanwhile, Tamim has given a status on his verified page on social media Facebook. For the readers, Tamim's status has been highlighted exactly-

''I see a lot of people getting confused or spreading some confusion in the media about the future of my International T20. In a program two days ago, I made it clear that I have not given a chance to make my announcement, others are saying different things. The board did not communicate or contact, I have never said anything like that.

The board has discussed the T20 with me several times. I took a 6-month break in consultation with the board. Even after that I have talked with the board on several occasions. I never raised any question about it.

What I said on that day, I say again today, "I am not given a chance to say what my plan is for T20. Either you (media) say it or someone else says it. So, let's continue like this. I am not given a chance to say. I've been playing cricket for so long, I deserve that what I think, should be heard from my mouth. But either you give an idea or someone else comes and tells you. When this happens, I have nothing to say."

That's all I said. What is mentioned here that no one contacted? Is there any such word or hint? I said in very simple language, I am not being allowed to speak. I have taken a break of 6 months, in the meanwhile the media is writing or saying various things, others are also talking.

I have regular contact with the board and they know very well what my thoughts are on T20. I just want to clarify myself; I want that time.

I will definitely announce my decision in time. There are still more than a month and a half left to be 6 months. But no one is waiting for that time. It is a matter of sorrow.''