Shariful Islam aims to prolong his career

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Shariful Islam aims to prolong his career

Shariful Islam aims to prolong his career

7 June 2022  Authorbaji99

Rising Tiger star Shariful Islam suffered an ankle injury in the last ODI series in South Africa. As a result, he did not play in the Test series of that tour. He has to keep himself happy with the success of the ODI series. After returning to the country, he was sent to Singapore for advanced treatment by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), the highest governing body of cricket in the country.

There was uncertainty over Shariful's return to the ongoing Sri Lanka series. However, the selectors announced the squad keeping him on the team. In the end, being recovered from the injury the left-arm pacer found a place in the XI of the first Test against the Lankans. Although being fit he played the match, Shariful got injured again in the first innings. He had to leave the field due to a hand injury while fielding. It will take about a month to fully recover from the injury.

Shariful told one of the country's leading dailies about his injury, regretting not being able to play in the West Indies series, "This time the injury seems serious. Won't play Test in West Indies. It may take a month for the injury to heal.''

He added, "I did not do well in the one innings I played in the Chittagong Test. I was just upset. I hope that I’ll do well in the second innings. But that did not happen. I couldn't do anything because of the pain in my hand. Feeling terrible. But it is part of the game. It must be accepted. Now there is nothing to do but wait. No problem. God willing, I will return.''

Shariful is one of five cricketers contracted for three formats in the BCB's central contract. The pacer wants to be more careful to prolong his career after recovering. He said, ''InshaAllah, I will repay this trust by being fit. Since I am playing in all three versions, I will try to do better as long as I play. I have to take care of myself very carefully. Discipline must be maintained. The more disciplined I am, the more fit I will be, and the more I will be able to play. ''