Neutral umpires are more accessible as travel restrictions loosen

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Neutral umpires are more accessible as travel restrictions loosen

Neutral umpires are more accessible as travel restrictions loosen
As governments begin to loosen travel restrictions imposed with the commencement of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, neutral umpires will return to stand in Test cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) adopted its Cricket Committee's recommendation to employ more impartial umpires in international cricket on Sunday, but also voted to have home umpires officiate in both ODIs and T20Is.

As a result, the ICC has determined that three of the five game officials in Test cricket would be neutral for the 2022-23 season: the on-field umpire, match referee, and third umpire. The remaining two match officials will be non-neutral: the second on-field umpire and the fourth umpire. Both the on-field umpires, match referee, and third umpire were neutral officials prior to the epidemic. However, because to the logistical difficulties caused by the pandemic, the ICC has chosen to use non-neutral match officials in bilateral matches since June 2020.

The ICC Cricket Committee suggested that arrangement be kept last year, and it was approved by the world body's chief executives committee and board. In a press release issued on Sunday, the ICC said the home umpires' performance was great and encouraging.

The ICC told the press that the committee acknowledged that home umpires had performed admirably and had had no effect on games. 12 members of the international panel of umpires made their Test match debuts as a result of the use of home umpires.

The CEC agreed, in keeping with a recent suggestion by the ICC Men's Cricket Committee, that when travel limitations are eased, more neutral match officials should be used, building on the success of the employment of local umpires.

The ICC has decided to have no neutral umpires in limited-overs cricket after the success of non-neutral umpires over the last two years. In bilateral ODIs and T20Is, all five match officials, including the match referee, will be non-neutral from now on. Prior to the current regulations, one of the on-field umpires, as well as the third umpire and the match referee, were neutral in One-Day Internationals. Two home officials were present: one one-field umpire and the fourth umpire. Prior to the outbreak, only the match referee in T20 cricket was a neutral official, who will now be from the home board.

Mahela Jayawardene was reappointed as a previous player's representative by the Cricket Committee, and Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary, was appointed as the committee's Full Member representative, succeeding David White.