Being fascinated by Pujara, Rizwan is learning

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Being fascinated by Pujara, Rizwan is learning

Being fascinated by Pujara, Rizwan is learning

31 May 2022  Authorbaji99

Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara is in rhythm like a dream in the ongoing county championship. He has been batting effectively in every match for Sussex. Four centuries after playing 4 matches, 4 centuries, including two double centuries, came from Pujara's willow. Sussex's Pakistani teammate Mohammad Rizwan was impressed by his concentration while batting.

At the same time, Pakistani cricketers are also in a good rhythm. The Pujara-Rizwan duo have spent a long time at 22 yards in two matches. Rizwan saw Pujara in impeccable form from the other end of the wicket. The Pakistani star was impressed by Pujara's concentration and attentiveness while batting. Rizwan also wants to take lessons from Pujara on these two issues.

Rizwan was impressed by Pujara and praised him. He said, ''He (Pujara) is a very good boy. So good is his concentration and attentiveness. You can learn these from him if you want. I also told the coaches in Sussex about Pujara's attention. Pujara is one of the three people I have been fascinated by in my cricketing life. Younis Khan is the first. The third-place belongs to Fawad Alam. ''

The Pakistani is also learning the ins and outs of cricket from Pujara. Rizwan said, "I talked to Pujara on the net. He told me, 'When we play in Asia, we have to push the ball away and use force. There is no need to do that here. This advice from Pujara has helped me a lot. "

Rizwan also said that the negative relationship between India-Pakistan diplomatic relations was not affecting them. He said, ''We can talk about the two of us playing together; I was not surprised to see Pujara. If you ask him, I think you will get the same answer. I'm joking with him. Everyone on the team knows that. ''